Security without a restraint

Protect your Loved Ones – Nonslip cushion keeps them secure

Our Wheelchair Cushion Maintains the correct sitting position longer

Helps you stay put while on the go without the need for a restraint



Nonslip cushion Reduce injuries to both patients and caregivers. Nurses will love it!


What is SlideFree?Slide Free Pad

Created by a nurse, the SlideFree wheelchair pad is an innovative and effective way to prevent a patient from sliding down into a sacral sitting position in a wheelchair.  SlideFree pads are manufactured by hand, in Upstate NY, in a sheltered workshop,

employing the handicapped.

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Eliminate Effects of Sacral Sitting

Eliminating sacral sitting greatly improves patients self-sufficiency and simple tasks such as feeding

themselves can often be restored with SlideFree. Maintaining a proper sitting posture is much more comfortable and far less painful than the sacral sitting position.

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I want to thank SlideFree for the fine product they produce. If you could see the misery my mother was going through. She could not hold an upright position in her wheelchair, for even a few minutes. Mealtime was a time of struggle. The fear of her choking on her food was always there. I bought a pad to give it a try and after a week, she was sitting upright and looking out her window and smiling. SlideFree changed her life. She has even begun to feed herself again. Wherever Mother goes, the Slide Free pad goes too – even when we ride in the pick-up truck.

Thanks SlideFree!
Jill M.
Washington, DC

I work in a nursing home. One of our clients is a man, small in stature and confined to a full body cast of the clamp-on fiberglass type and in a wheelchair. He uses one of your pads and is so thrilled with it, he asked me to write you and tell you his thoughts about it. He wanted you to know how much the SlideFree pad that he had been given had meant to him. He said, “The pad that I am sitting on has changed my life. I’ve tried lots of different things over the past years and nothing would ever keep me from sliding down in my wheelchair. I was always afraid of falling, but now I stay in my chair with no problem. I just want to say thank you.” I also wish to thank you as it makes my job a little easier and I am happy when my patients are happy!


George S.
Indianapolis, IN